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The mission of the Topeka Public Schools Library Media Program is to empower all students and staff to be effective users of information and information technology in order to communicate ideas and solve problems in an ever-changing world and to foster life-long literacy.

Improve student achievement

Foster literacy

Produce technologically astute students

Nurture life-long learning

  • All regular schools within the Topeka Public Schools have library media centers with material collections developed to meet the needs of the individual school. There is an emphasis on good books for children to read, on nonfiction books with current information and on materials and digital resources to support classroom teacher needs. Hope Street Academy and Capital City Schools have smaller library media center collections.
  • Access to school library collections and Internet resources is provided through Destiny, the library manager system. The library system icons for both your school and the entire district appear in the “Reference-Library” folder of your Novell delivered applications window. The library system provides title, author, subject, keyword and location information for books and websites as well as “One Search” which searches our paid, research databases.
  • Access to online research databases is also provided in the same applications folder, as well as on the “home page” of District Media Center.
  • Staffing varies, depending on the size and level of the school, from one half-time library media specialist at some of the smaller elementary schools to two library media specialists at Topeka High’s library media center.
  • The Library Media Services curriculum, aligned with the KCCR standards, is coordinated with the individual subject area curriculums and when possible instruction is integrated with classroom activities.  A five-step information problem solving model is used to guide students toward being effective users of information.
  • Several district-wide support services are provided by the Media Services central office. These include professional library research services, elementary literature sets, etc.

Building Library Media Services Staff


HIGHLAND PARK HIGH, 2424 SE California, 66605-1797

Lisbeth White - [email protected]
E J Drake, Media Clerk - [email protected] 

TOPEKA HIGH, 800 SW 10th, 66612-1687

Tonya Foster - [email protected] 
Jewelia Oswald - [email protected] 

TOPEKA WEST, 2001 SW Fairlawn, 66604-3598

Jessica Kairns - [email protected] 
Kay Usrey, Media Clerk - [email protected] 

HOPE STREET ACADEMY, 1900 SW Hope St., 66604-3599

Elise Blas, ½ time - [email protected]

Avondale Academy, 200 SE 40th Street, 66609

Charles Randles - [email protected]


CHASE, 2250 NE State Street, 66616-1390

CAITLIN SCHWANKE - [email protected] 

EISENHOWER, 3305 SE Minnesota, 66605-2500

DANA FITZGERALD - [email protected] 

FRENCH, 5257 SW 33rd, 66614-4099

KELLY KELLEY - [email protected] 

JARDINE, 2600 SW 33rd, 66611-1883

AMY GILLILAND - [email protected] 

LANDON, 731 SW Fairlawn, 66606-2336

DR. SHYLA BIJU - [email protected] 

ROBINSON, 1125 SW 14th, 66604-2996

NICOLE BROKAR - [email protected] 


HIGHLAND PARK CENTRAL, 2717 SE Illinois, 66605-1497

Morgan Garbo - [email protected] 

JARDINE ELEMENTARY, 2600 SW 33rd t, 66611-1883

Kristy Rausch - [email protected]g
Ituri Kinney, Media Para - [email protected]

LOWMAN HILL, 1101 SW Garfield, 66604-1349

Jana Toillion, ½ time - [email protected]
Krista Bonzo, ½ time Media Para -

McCARTER, 5512 SW 16th, 66604-2271

Marissa Harris, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]

McCLURE, 2529 SW Chelsea Dr., 66614-1600

Jana Toillion, ½ time - [email protected] 
Krista Bonzo, ½ time Media Para -

McEACHRON, 4433 SW 29th Terr., 66614-3199

Melissa Williamson - [email protected] 

MEADOWS, 201 SW Clay, 66606-1194

Karin Thompson - [email protected]
Bridgette Martin, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]
QUINCY, 1500 NE Quincy, 66608-1264

Lynda Weaver - [email protected]

RANDOLPH, 1400 SW Randolph, 66604-2600

Stacy Harrison - [email protected] 

ROSS, 1400 SE 34th, 66605-2684

Jessica Kubie - [email protected]
Michelle Ditmore, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]

SCOTT, 401 SE Market, 66607-2076

Brenda Orellana - [email protected]
Robin Lampe, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]

STATE STREET, 500 NE Sumner, 66616-1391

Elizabeth Anderson, [email protected]
Michelle Ditmore, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]

WHITSON, 1725 SW Arnold, 66604-3300

Alisha Schwinn - [email protected]

WILLIAMS, 1301 SE Monroe, 66612-116

Amy Gugelman - [email protected]
Marie Carter, ½ time Media Para - [email protected]

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