Curriculum Guides for English Learners

 Delivery Model for English Learners at Topeka Public Schools

The Delivery Model

The Delivery Model for ELs  is to be used by all USD 501 EL building teams to determine EL student proficiencies as related to CCSS grade-level expectations.  Understanding the Kansas Standards for English Learners (see below) and ELs assessment results (KELPA2) supports the EL teams efforts to identify the linguistic strengths and deficiencies of ELs in general education classrooms.  Knowing this information will assist all stakeholders in determining the most appropriate EL services and levels of support for each of our EL students. 

Kansas Standards for English Learners

Understanding the Standards

The Kansas Standards for English Learners are designed for use by all educators who are involved in the teaching and support of English Learners (ELs). The premise of these standards is supporting individual students to gain a level of proficiency with the English language that allows them to be highly successful in obtaining grade-level academic standards in as short of time as possible. Both social English and academic English are required to maintain mastery of the English language and of school success. When each teacher that has an English learner "takes ownership" for that student and supports them through appropriate scaffolds, highly experiential and collaborative instruction that is based on grade-level curriculum, English proficiency can be expedited for a student.


Elementary Standards        Middle School Standards        High School Standards
 Kindergarten   Sixth Grade   Ninth & Tenth Grade
First Grade   Seventh Grade   Eleventh & Twelfth Grade
Second Grade   Eighth Grade    
Third Grade        
Fourth Grade        
Fifth Grade        


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