Screening and Evaluation

All K-6 students will be screened.  All other students will need to be screened if their oral reading fluency is below benchmark for their grade level.  

A universal screening tool will be used for the following abilities:

  • Letter naming fluency (LNF) assesses the student's ability to name the letters, both upper and lower case, in random order.
    • Kindergarten (fall, winter, spring)
    • First grade (fall)
  • Letter word sound fluency (LWSF) assesses the student's ability to make letter sounds, make the sounds of two-letter combinations and read aloud consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words.
    • Kindergarten (fall, winter, spring)
    • First grade (fall)
  • Phoneme Segmentation Fluency (PSF) assesses the student's ability to segment three and four phoneme words into their individual phonemes (sounds).
    • Kindergarten (winter, spring)
    • First grade (fall, winter)
  • Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF) ensures that students understand the sound/symbol relationship for decoding to become automatic.  
    • Kindergarten (spring)
    • First grade (fall, winter, spring)
    • Second grade (fall)
  • Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) determines if a student can read connected text with accuracy and at an appropriate rate.
    • First grade (winter, spring)
    • Grades 2-12 


    Please note: The testing timeframes may change.

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