Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am a first-time user to Frontline. What should I do?
A: You will receive an invitation from Frontline to set up an account (username and password).

Q: How to enroll in Frontline?
A: Click here to go to the Frontline login page. Log in using your user name and password.

Q: When do I complete my Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) on Frontline?
A: September 30

Q: Does Frontline have an app?
A: Yes. Contact Betty Young at [email protected] for the code.

Q: How do I update my Frontline Profile?
A: Once you log into Frontline, click My Info-->My PG Profile. Make sure your email address is correct and the building you are assigned to and the grade level is correct.  You must also identify your evaluator. Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom.

Q: How do I locate sessions in Frontline?
A: Once logged in, located on the left side of the navigation bar. Scroll down for District Catalog. Click. The sessions will appear on the next page. Sessions are alphabetical. Scroll down and click the session link. It takes you to a new page. Scroll down to see the link for SIGN UP NOW. You are enrolled.

Professional Learning 

Q: Am I paid for planning and preparation for professional development?
A:  $20.00 per hour. Planning and Preparation is to take place not on duty including Flex Day.


Q: How often do I renew my professional license or standard license for a substitute?
A: Every five years

Q: How many points do I have to get to renew my license with a BS, BA, or BE?
A:  160 points.  Of the 160 points, you must have at least four college credits from an accredited university. One college credit equals 20 points. 

Q: How many points do I have to earn to renew my license with an Advanced Degree? (Master’s, Specialist)
A: 120 points. 

Q: What form do I use to renew my professional license?
A: Form 3a Renewal of a Professional License

Q: I have an Initial License, what form do I use to upgrade to a professional license?
A: Form 21

Q: How many points do I at least need to earn each year if I have a BS, BA, or BE Degree?
A: 16 points.  16 points x 5 = 80 points

Q: How many college credit hours do I need to earn within a five-year period if I have a BS, BA, or BE?
A: 4 college credits. 1 college credit = 20 points

Q: How many points do I at least need to earn each year with an Advanced Degree? (Master’s, Specialist, etc.)
A: 24 points. 24 points x 5 = 120 points

Q: How many points does a substitute need to earn for a standard license?
A: 50 points

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