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John Hattie

Date: June 3, 2024

Location: Bishop Professional Development Center

Title: Visible Learning

Professor John Hattie is a researcher in education. His research interests include performance indicators, models of measurement and evaluation of teaching and learning. John Hattie became known to a wider public with his two books Visible Learning and Visible Learning for teachers. Visible Learning is a synthesis of more than 800 meta-studies covering more than 80 million students.  According to John Hattie Visible Learning is the result of 15 years of research about what works best for learning in schools. TES once called him “possibly the world’s most influential education academic”.

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Link to Visible Learning Website.

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Date:  July 8-11, 2024

Location: Bishop Professional Learning Center

Title: Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures

Kagan Structures for Engagement and Achievement! Kagan is all about engagement! Central to all Kagan workshops are Kagan Structures. You've probably heard of some popular Kagan Structures including Numbered Heads Together, Timed Pair Share, RallyRobin, and Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Those Kagan Structures, and many more, are now used world-wide from nursery to adult education, in all academic subject areas to boost student engagement and learning.

Kagan Structures produce revolutionary positive results. Teachers, schools, and Trusts now use Kagan Structures to increase academic achievement, improve race relations, enhance self-esteem, create a more harmonious classroom climate, reduce discipline problems, and develop students' social skills and character virtues. How do such simple little teaching strategies have such a profoundly positive effect on so many dimensions of learning? Easy. It's all about engagement!

When students are actively engaged, they pay attention, they're motivated, they learn more, and the learning sticks. The biggest difference between the Kagan approach and teaching using traditional methods is the ability to engage every student. Traditional classroom teaching captures the minds and attention of some students, but not all. Good teachers engage more students. But even the best teachers who use traditional instruction don't require every student to participate. With traditional instruction, there is always a subset of students who fall through the cracks. We're all too familiar with the results: a widening gap between high achievers and low achievers.

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Link to the Kagan website.

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Lester Laminack

Date: June 25-26, 2024

Location: Bishop Professional Development

Title: Best Practices in Read-Alouds

Lester L. Laminack is Professor Emeritus from department of Birth-Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle Grades Education, at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina where he received two awards for excellence in teaching [the Botner Superior Teaching Award and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award].

Lester is now a full-time writer and consultant working with schools throughout the United States. He is an active member of the National Council of Teachers of English and served three years as co-editor of the NCTE journal Primary Voices and as editor of the Children’s Book Review Department of the NCTE journal Language Arts (2003-2006). He also served as a teaching editor for the magazine Teaching K-8 and wrote the Parent Connection column (2000-2002). He is a former member of the Governing Board and Secretary of the North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children, a former member of the Board of Directors for the Center for the Expansion of Language and Thinking, and a former member of the Whole Language Umbrella Governing Board. He served as the Basic Reading Consultant to Literacy Volunteers of America from 1987 through 2001. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of Our Children’s Place [www.ourchildrensplace.com] and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Region A Partnership for Children in western North Carolina, and on the board for The Francine Delaney New School for Children in Asheville, NC.

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Link to Lester Laminack website

Kim Sutton

Date: August 1 & 2, 2024

Location: Bishop Professional Learning Center

Title: Number Sense and Reasoning

Kim Sutton is a fabulous presenter, who has taught thousands of teachers the joy and excitement of “hands-on” math. Kim’s teaching experience includes over 40 years of classroom teaching, time as a regional math specialist and as a university instructor. Kim has worked with over 500 districts nationally and internationally as a staff development consultant. A former Associate Director of Project AIMS, Kim has a master’s degree in Mathematics Education and has been the keynote speaker for state and regional math conferences. Kim has produced many wonderful math games and tools and has written many articles about pattern blocks and classroom management. Kim is the author of 18 titles, as well as the creator of the 10 Block Schedule for Math Fact Fluency program for Grades K-6. Kim’s books include: Math Engineers, Math Drills to Thrill, Math Focus Activities, Visual Tools, Number Line Workbook, Making Math Books With Children, Powerful Numbers 0-100, Place Value With Pizzazz, Do The Math, Dynamic Dice, All Aboard The Algebra Express, Fractions: A Part of the Whole, The Power of Digital Root, Let’s Get Started!, Dazzling Dominoes, Bump It!, Cooking Up Math Concentration and her most recent book Cooking Up More Math Concentration.

Experience what others have learned—Kim Sutton is a dynamic, extraordinary educator whose enthusiasm and love for teaching are contagious! She gives you practical, easy to implement information and ideas that you will use for years. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be thrilled, challenged and energized!

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Link to Creative Mathematics website

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